Octoberfest 2013

Saturday, October 26th, offered up perfect weather for Wildewood Springs second annual Octoberfest.

The association provided brats and beer. Corporate sponsors and residents provided over 30 door prizes that were awarded by a free ticket lottery.

Great food was provided by residents.


2014 Proposed Budget Accepted for Distribution

The proposed budget for 2014 is on its way to association members.  The proposed budget was accepted by unanimous vote of the board of directors and is now ready for distribution and review by all members.  A final vote on the budget is scheduled for the November 18, 2013 meeting of the board of directors.

Click on the link below for more information on the proposed budget.




Treasurer’s report 8/26/13

A detailed report regarding our income and expenses, year-to-date (YTD) is provided in the documents below. The columns of the first table on page 1 lists year-to-date income and expenses through July 31 for 2011, 2012, 2013.

Income has steadily decreased because our assessments have decreased.  Administrative and Grounds expenses have decreased compared to the previous years and Buildings, Pools and Tennis, and Utilities expenses have increased.

We have seen an increase in our Buildings expense YTD and a budget line item breakout of those expenses is shown in the second table on page 1.   Explanations for the expenses are shown below the table.

A bar graph showing our YTD expenses over the past 10 years is shown on page 2.  YTD expenses for 2013 are lower than 5 out of 6 of the previous years.


August Newsletter


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Thanks to our advertisers.

Artisan Farmer Knives Sharpened artisanfarmer.com 941 524 6299

Bob’s Handyman Services & Window Cleaning 941 962 1912

Busy Bee  Cleaning Service 941 727 6780

Cafe Au Lait 941 727 9596  cafeauliatcoffee.com

Coldwell Banker, Penny Pier Realtor 941 795 2211

Fia’s Cafe Breakfast, Lunch and Catering 941 753 7094 (15% off coupon in the newsletter.

Garland & Padelford Attorneys 941 748 1400

The Greiner Group  Wagner Realty 941 794 2246

JW Enterprises Irrigation, Painting, Landscaping 941 704 3625

Macs Painting and Pressure Washing 941 962 1912

Nature’s Way Home Carpet and Window Cleaning 941 962 1912

Professional Plumbing 941 355 5400

Quality Counts Carpet, Upholster & Tile Cleaning 941 756 1082

Stewart’s Condo Service 941 758 7514

Toms Carpet Cleaning 756 2322

TrueBlue33 Computer Repair 941 592 7714

2012 Audit Report