Gentle Reminders


Parking – Best practices – often we want our guests to park next to our car in the cluster.  KINDLY have them park away from your unit in places designates as GUEST SPOTS or spots you know the owners are not in Florida at the time your family/friends are visiting.  Many of your neighbors work and would appreciate being able to park in front of their units when they get home.  Have more than one car and no carport, kindly park your extra car(s) in guest designated spots.

Cars: All vehicles should be registered in the office – type, color, plate number and owner’s name.  Cars parked in WILDEWOOD SPRINGS must have current tags on the car at all times.  

Guests:  The owner of a unit must notify the Association in advance via email or a written notification of any and all guests in a unit, the length of the visit – this includes family member not listed on the deed.

Wheel Chairs: Please be mindful when driving in Wildewood Springs that there are walkers, runners, bikers and WHEEL CHAIRS.  In a perfect world it would be AWESOME if everyone could slow down to the 15 mile an hour speed limit and be very mindful of others on our streets– often we are not.  We are asking those in wheel chairs to go against the driving traffic patterns so that you and they can see each other.  It has been suggested that those walking or walking their dogs ALSO face the oncoming traffic.  Bicycle riders should ride in the same direction as the car traffic.