General FAQ
Here are some of the questions often asked about Wildewood Springs Condo Association.

  • Is there a difference between Wildewood Springs I and Wildewood Springs II?
    Yes. The Wildewood Springs Condominium Association (Wildewood Springs I) includes condo units in the following villages: Pinehurst, Sherwood, Springdale, Palm Tree, Lakeside, Woodlawn, Oakview and Oak. Wildewood Springs II consists of the villages of Tidewater, Timberlake, Lakewood, Wild Palm and Pine Needle. These villages as well as addresses on Spring Lakes Boulevard are not part of our association and do not share our facilities or management. The answers below refer to Wildewood Springs I.
  • How many condo units in Wildewood Springs?
    There are 558 units ranging from 900 to 2300 square feet. Condos are built in one or two story buildings. Some single story units have private, walled courtyards in the rear. See the Floor Plans link. 
  • Is there an on-site staff?
    Wildewood Springs has a full time, on-site manager and office staff, as well as full-time maintenance and landscaping crews. Nightly security is also on-site.
  • What are the maintenance fees?
    Quarterly maintenance fees currently (2019) range from $1,117 to $1,228, depending on the size of the unit. Fees are determined after each annual budget adoption.  See Maintenance Fees.
  • What do maintenance fees cover?
    Maintenance fees cover water and sewer, pest control, trash pickup, digital cable TV, two cable boxes, internet with wi-fi router, maintenance of all grounds and landscaping, maintenance of pools and spas, maintenance of tennis courts, and perimeter lighting. (Private courtyards are not covered and are the responsibility of individual owners.) Fees also include reserves to cover major repairs and replacements for roofs, roads, painting of outside of buildings, public works, machine replacement, pools and tennis courts.
  • What are the restrictions on the use of a unit?
    A condo unit may be occupied by the owner, the owner’s guests, or tenants (see rental conditions below.) The use of a condo by a guest in the owner’s absence is subject to restriction. All prospective owners must obtain prior approval by the association and will be subject to background checks. Please see Association Documents for complete details.
  • Can condo units be rented?
    Yes, but with restrictions. No unit may be rented during the first two years after purchase. After two years, a unit may be rented to a lessee for a minimum of three months. Rentals may only be occupied by the lessee. All prospective tenants must obtain prior approval by the association and will be subject to background checks. Please see Association Documents for complete details.
  • How is an estoppel request made?
    Estoppel Request and Condominium Questionnaire information can be found in this document:  Estoppel Request Information
  • What parking is available?
    There is unreserved parking for private automobiles in front of units. Some units have deeded carports. There are no enclosed garages. Special parking restrictions apply to trucks (see below). Vans with side windows and seats installed behind the driver are classified as private automobiles. Parking is not permitted for motorcycles, boats, RVs, campers, golf carts and other vehicles. Please see Association Documents for complete details.
  • What restrictions are there on truck parking?
    Private pickup trucks may be parked only between 7AM and 11PM. Please see Association Documents for complete details.
  • Is there parking or storage available for boats or RVs within Wildewood Springs?
  • Are pets allowed?
    There is a limit of two pets per unit. Pets must weigh less than 25 lbs. Pets must be kept on a leash at all times on common condo property. Certain breeds are not permitted. Please see Association Documents for complete details.
  • What recreational facilities are available within Wildewood Springs?
    There are seven heated pools including one larger lap pool. All pools are heated year-round. The pool areas are smoke free. There is a Jacuzzi spa in each pool area. Pools and spas may be used from 6AM to 11PM. There are four (4) hard surface tennis courts and four (4) pickle ball courts.  Kayak storage racks are available for a nominal fee.  Identification tags required for the use of pools and tennis courts are issued to each owner.
  • Are you located on a golf course?
    No, but excellent facilities are available nearby. There are public, semi-private and private golf courses within a short distance of Wildewood Springs.
  • Do you have age restrictions?