Maintenance Fees - public

Wildewood Springs Maintenance Fees

Note: Residents of Wildewood Springs may view additional details about fees and payment information in the Residents Menu under Maintenance Fees.

Wildewood Springs Condo Association maintenance fees cover the following:


  • On-site, full-time, management staff


  • On-site, full-time staff to maintain buildings, grounds, landscaping, tennis courts, roads and lighting. (Landscaping in rear courtyards is not covered and is the responsibility of unit owners)


  • On-site, full-time staff to maintain seven pools and spas. Fees cover year- round heating of all pools.


  • Digital HD cable TV, WiFi & Internet


  • Water and sewer


  • Pest control


  • Trash and recycling pickup


  • Funding of reserves to cover major repairs and replacements for roofs, buildings, roads, painting the outside of buildings, public works, machine replacement, and repairs to pools and tennis courts.


Maintenance fees are set annually after the Board of Directors passes the budget and the Association owners approve the budget. Fees depend on the size of the unit. Maintenance fees are billed quarterly (January 1, April 1, July 1 & October 1).


                         Maintenance fees effective January 1, 2024 to December 31, 2024 
                                       UNIT SIZE                                  FEES PER QUARTER
                2300                                      $1,971.98
                2080                                      $1,941.58
                1800                                      $1,897.13
                 1700                                      $1,854.18
                 1550                                      $1,825.37
                 1450                                      $1,806.79
                 1200                                      $1,795.73
                   900                                      $1,768.07